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Our Commitment to You...

Our facility is conveniently located on Brawley School Road, just past Brawley School. We have built a modern, state of the art veterinary facility, designed with your pet’s care in mind.

Welcome to our “family.” We are honored to be able to serve our Mooresville, NC community and neighbors. We provide your pet with the best care possible and pride ourselves in high quality, personalized service. Our staff of experts is dedicated to you and your pet. If there are other veterinary services that you may need, ask us and we will happily assist.


Our services include the following:

Canine Dentistry in mooresville

Dentistry: Your pet’s teeth and mouth are very much like ours. Proper dental care requires keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Our philosophy of proactive dental care includes a full range of thorough dental cleaning, oral surgery and dental radiography, using the most modern equipment and the safest anesthetics available. Your pet will feel better, stay healthier and have sweeter breath as a result of a dental care program.

Pet Grooming in Lake norman

Pet Grooming: We operate a grooming facility to service your cat or dog. We use a cleansing and soothing bathing system, allowing for a deep clean and a warm soak for your pet. Your pet receives a bath, ear cleanse, brush and comb out, as well as a nail trim and file during their visit. We also offer medically appropriate shampoos for pets who have sensitive skin. Our staff can also apply flea prevention, if desired to keep your pet feeling its best and pest free.

mooresville pet boarding

Boarding: We offer a full boarding facility to all of our clients.  While boarding with us your pets will be walked multiple times daily.  We have an expirenced staff that also comes in over the weekend to make sure your pets get the best care while boarding even though our office is closed.  This is a great option, especially if you have a pet with medical problems that needs careful monitoring while you are out of town. 

medicine and perscriptions for pets

Medicine: Our philosophy for the best possible health care for your pet is to be proactive, preventing problems before they begin. We recommend regular check-ups and examinations to ensure healthy and happy animals. These check-ups allow us to ensure the overall health of your pet, their general appearance, skin, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, teeth, mucous membranes, circulatory, respiratory system, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal system.

blood work for pets in lake norman

Labwork: Blood and urine samples need to be recorded regularly as part of a health approach to your pet’s life. We recommend labwork be performed as part of an annual examination for younger animals and more frequently in older animals. We are able to test the samples in our hospital for immediate results.

animal vaccines in lake norman

Vaccinations: We prefer a conservative approach toward vaccinations, while at the same time making sure your pet is properly covered to prevent disease. There are certain vaccines that we recommend only for certain lifestyles and certain vaccines that are recommended specifically for your pet. Ask our veterinarians for the vaccines that are best for your pet.

pet nutritional advisors of lake norman

Nutrition: Every animal has different nutritional needs. Diet recommendations should be customized for each pet. We have a number of very high quality pet foods in our office and will gladly assist in deciding on the right diet for your friend. We offer high quality maintenance diets in addition to medically necessary diets and natural diets mixes. We understand that all pets are not created equally and each animal has different needs.

xrays for animals in lake norman

Radiology: Our radiology department enables us to look into your pet’s body. This technology allows us to accurately diagnose and treat illnesses that may not be visible or recognizable. Our state of the art, digital radiological equipment provides the highest level of protection from radiation for both the technician and the pet. We can perform ultrasound examinations on-site too.

animal surgeons in lake norman


Surgery: We perform a wide range of surgical procedures in our hospital. We also work with surgical specialists for any procedures outside our realm of expertise. We use the safest anesthetics available, minimizing any potential risk for your pet. All surgery patients are closely monitored. We employ electronic surgical monitors that immediately notify our surgical team of any change in your pet’s condition, thus enabling our experts to immediately respond to any changes. We strive to keep your pet comfortable, by utilizing a pain prevention and management program. Our main concern is your pet’s health, comfort and well-being.

K-Laser Therapy


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